Currently: After 18 years of music selecting I am on the bench from playing gigs. I am giving my ears a bit of time to hopefully settle down. I developed screaming tinnitus two years ago (winter 2016) and have played less than a handful of sets since. The recovery from a set is about two months and while I'm playing the best way to describe the feeling is "sound penetrates my ears like a probing alien." - Me, Necker Island 2016

This past Burning Man (2017) I played an epic sunrise set with Swamy on top of the bus. It was magic and the perfect ending to my old ways of playing. I'm still searching for a new way to express music. Stay tuned!


Bio from the Good old days

John Dill is an internationally renowned DJ who began his career with residencies at legendary house havens like Le Souk Sunday Sessions and Sullivan Room. He immediately emerged as one of the most beloved personas in NYC nightlife and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. He fine tuned his signature sound in Ibiza back in 2000 and quickly gained a cult like following in underground venues throughout North America, the Caribbean and Asia.  

Known for his magical ability to read the crowd and select the perfect track from his eclectic record collection, John Dill’s sound is unmistakable. Whether one of his deep, soulful gems dropped into a party or a mind-bending surprise at one of his acclaimed marathon sets at Burning Man, the sound of Dill on the decks makes any venue a destination.  

A long time resident at Robot Heart, Dill has shared the decks with luminaries like Lee Burridge, NU, Marques Wyatt, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Tom Middleton and Oceanus Orientalis to name a few.  

In recent years, Dill has expanded beyond the underground house music scene to include more prominent venues with broader appeal. He’s a regular fixture on Richard Branson’s Necker Island thanks to Mai Tai, where he once had Sir Richard dancing on a couch. He's also a favorite on the festival circuit where he inspires love from audiences at Desert Hearts, Wonderfruit and the more cutting edge crowd at Further Future.